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Protect your Home, Clean your gutter!

As a homeowner, the last thing you’ll ever want is to damage your house due to poor water drainage. Cleaning the gutter is one of the most convenient and effective ways to ensure you don’t fall into the trouble of water damage and is required to do a home renovation.

We’re at Total Window cleaning to help you clean the clogged gutter and keep your home safe. All you need to do is make an appointment and find us at your place at your preferred time.

Why Gutter Cleaning is Essential?

There are many serious reasons you should perform a periodical cleaning of your gutter and do a regular check. For example, did you know that only one inch of rainwater across a 1000 sf roof can cumulate 600 gallons of water in the gutter? Imagine if that gutter is clogged, that would be a mess. Here are some of the most essential factors that you need it to be cleaned and cleared and ensure proper water drainage:

To Protect Your Home

The main reason you should take care of that is to protect your home from water damage. For example, imagine your gutter system clogged with leaves, debris, and other wastes and blocks the drainage system. As a result, the water will stay on it when it rains, overflow and spill onto your roof and property.

So when it's clogged and unable to do its job correctly, it's bound to damage your roof, walls, landscape and basement.

To Protect Your Roof

The most significant advantage of keeping your gutter clean is that it keeps your roof safe. Roofing is expensive and you don't want to replace that once a year. The best thing you can do is keep your roof for a long time and take proper precautions.

Clogged water and pests in the dirty gutter can severely harm your roof shingles. In addition, the clogged water in the drain often piles up and damages the bottom of the roof shingles, causing cracks.

Too Keep The Pests Away

Yes, gutters are designed for water drainage. But, unfortunately, pests and insects see it differently. As a result, this can be transformed into a safe home for pests, insects and even birds. And shortly, it moves inside your home.

Let’s Take Care of Your home Together

Total window cleaning is the place to call when you need professional gutter cleaning. We specialize in all kinds of water drainage cleaning to give you a comprehensive solution.

We use gutters to keep our foundation dry and to ensure proper drainage. However, the environment, especially if you have more trees surrounding your home, the drain can be clogged regularly. As a homeowner, you should be mindful of that. Otherwise, this can cause severe damage to your home and property. Your gutters should be cleaned at least two times per year and more if you have trees around your home.

Luckily you have Total window cleaning to help with this most conveniently. All you have to do is make an appointment, and we’ll do the magic. Our team of expert cleaners will arrive at your location with an equipped ladder that makes sure your gutter system is not damaged by the weight and the work is done correctly.

If you have a gutter that needs to be cleaned or are interested in scheduling a regular cleanup two or more times each year, get in touch with us now and get special discounts.

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How do you know You Need It Cleaned?

The easiest way is to do a visual test. The next time it’s raining, take out an umbrella and examine the gutter yourself. Check if the waters are overflowing, leaking, or sagging. If you find any of these issues, know that your gutters need help.

To be on the safer side, we recommend you do a periodical cleaning twice a year, especially in fall and spring. In this way, you don’t have to worry about any uncertainty or accidents. 

Are Gutter Guards and Screens Effective?

At first glance, they might seem to have a perfect solution for your home. However, with years of experience, we have discovered they are not nearly as effective as you’d think they would be. Over time they often get leaked or broken and make the scenario worse. While preventing leaves from entering the drain, debris and insects can still make their home inside. Working in this industry for over a decade, we don’t recommend using these anymore as people often get into more trouble.
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