Lake Oswego

We are the dependable Lake Oswego window cleaning company, Total Window Cleaning. We have been servicing the area’s finest residential homes since the spring of 1996. We provide a professional approach to solving your toughest Lake Oswego window cleaning needs. We offer immaculate window washing done your way, at a price you can afford.

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With over 20 years of experience washing windows in Lake Oswego, you don’t have to worry about who you’re inviting into your home for this tedious chore. Our reputation is critical to us and earning your trust is just as important. If you have had a bad experience with other window washers in Lake Oswego, you’re in for a treat after you try us. You will never have to look for another company again.

Window cleaning may seem like a mundane task when life keeps you busy with day to day activities. This usually leads to dirty windows. After all, in this busy world, who has the time to clean their own windows? Dirty windows not only take away from your curb appeal, but windows are kind of like your automobile. If you properly maintain them they will last a long time.

Have you priced out the cost of new windows lately? A little maintenance will go a long way and save a lot of money. Total Window Cleaning is one of Lake Oswego’s top window washing companies. In fact, if you’d like to see for yourself, we have many A+ reviews to substantiate this claim. Our window washing Lake Oswego company will not only do a perfect job every time, but if they gave out awards we would win for customer service as well. Call Total Window Cleaning today and find out for yourself.

West Linn Window Cleaning

Poorly-cleaned windows are worse than dirty ones. It’s a shame for a homeowner to call in a window cleaner who leaves them in a deeper mess. I’m sure you’ve all heard horror stories of West Linn window cleaning services that are less than ideal. That’s not only a waste of money, but also a waste of valuable time. You will hear no such stories about Total Window Cleaning.

Our success is based on the level of your satisfaction. You can count on our experienced team of West Linn Window Cleaning specialists to provide you with high-quality services. For more than 20 years we have been serving residents of West Linn. In that course of time, we have gained a reputation for timeliness and excellence. We run like clockwork – from the minute you call us right through the cleaning and up to the time we drive away, we promise that you will like what you see.

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As a matter of fact, we are so trustworthy that West Linn residents often trust us on their property even when they are out of town. However, we do recommend that if it’s your first time using our West Linn window washing company that you are home to meet us and experience what all our customers continue to rave about.You will find for yourself that our customer service is beyond professional and the cleanliness of your windows is top notch.

In fact, after we’ve gone, don’t be surprised if your neighbors ask you who cleaned your windows and left them so immaculate. You will find that the pride we take in our window washing West Linn is like no other company in the area.

When you consider in the quality of work we leave the customer with, your choice to have us back again is a no brainer. West Linn window cleaning isn’t rocket science, but if you try to do it yourself it may seem that way. Our West Linn window cleaners love their jobs and are very good at it.

If you are not in West Linn or Lake Oswego, we also service the entire Portland area and are more than happy to come to you. Just give us a call!

Here is the important legal information you should be asking all service providers for.

Certificate of Liability Insurance: Buiten & Associates LLC #ACPGLAO3026806623

Bond: Old Republic Surety Co. #SUR40001057

Workers Compensation: Saif corp. #764264

We have an excellent safety record.