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Pressure Washing in Portland, OR

You spend time sweeping, mopping, and polishing the inside of your home or business, but what about the outside? Removing grime from a deck or caked-on dirt from driveways sounds like a weekend of hard work, but what if you had the help of the right team with the right tools? Total Window Cleaning is here to give you a hand with all of your exterior cleaning duties. Our pressure washing service will see to it that your driveway remains immaculate and your windows are perfectly clear. Choose us for your pressure washing in Portland and watch as your property’s curb appeal goes skyrocketing.

Aside from looks, many advantages come with this valued service, and we’ll explore them all here. Keep reading as we dive into the world of Portland pressure washing and the difference in quality you’ll experience when hiring our dedicated team.

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Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing in Portland

Portland, Oregon, gets a mix of weather. From rain and wind to heat and the odd chance of snow. With this medley of weather conditions comes caked-on mud, moss growth, dirt and debris, and even rust stains on exterior surfaces such as your deck, driveway, and siding. If your solution to this issue in the past was using a scrub brush and bucket of soapy water, believe us when we tell you there is a better way. Pressure washing is a valuable service for home and business owners alike, helping to clean up the exterior of your property, create a welcoming image for guests, clients, and customers, and even increase your property value.  Already familiar with pressure washing? Perhaps you’ve tried a rental machine yourself that didn’t quite do the trick. Don’t be discouraged. The results you want are just a phone call away. Total Window Cleaning’s expert team uses a high-powered commercial pressure washer to buff off stubborn stains you haven’t made much progress with in the past. The results? The difference is night and day. But before we dive into your many options for pressure washing in Portland, let’s take a minute to go through what the process actually involves.

Pressure Washing: 101

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, involves the use of a specialized machine that generates high-pressure water. It will be hooked up to your property’s exterior water supply and will blast a continuous stream of water out onto your exterior surfaces. Different pressure washers generate different ranges of pressure. Some are capped at a relatively low pressure, while others can generate up to 4,400 psi (pounds per square inch). This amount of pressure is highly dangerous, which is why we recommend leaving this service to a professional pressure washing company.

Our Portland Pressure Washing Services

Our pressure washing service is available for both residential and commercial properties, which have many different exterior features. From driveways and garages to windows and gutters, the exterior of your property takes a beating during rainstorms, strong winds, and the sun. Pressure washing can be used for many different surfaces, and we recommend taking advantage of this solution if you’re at all interested in making quick work of exterior cleaning. Here’s a closer look at the wide range of surfaces we can help clean up!

Softwash Concrete Cleaning: Concrete Pressure Washing!

Are you the DIY home improvement person who tried renting a pressure washer from a home improvement store and didn’t get the results you were hoping for? Those machines don’t always have the power or functionality you need to deal with really troublesome problems. The power washing equipment Total Window Cleaning uses is commercially designed, which means our equipment can handle all types and levels of stubborn stains, debris, thick build-up, and troublesome mildew. Pressure washing is an art all by itself that only a few have mastered. We have the experience and have learned how to make the results last longer. We use a pretreat solution that kills all organic material before we use our surface cleaner.

Expert Window Cleaning

We can clean windows up to 35 feet from the ground with our professional pressure washer! This is a fantastic option for property owners with 3-storey houses or commercial buildings. Since windows are a more delicate surface than concrete, you can trust our highly-rated local pros to use the right pressure setting to avoid damage. With ample experience, our team knows exactly the right method to use to make your windows shine, removing dirt, bird droppings, and more!

Clean & Clear: Gutter Cleaning

Gutters can accumulate dirt and grime, rotten leaves, insect nests, mold, and other undesirable materials. Cleaning piles of debris out by hand is necessary, but what about the gunk that lines the inside of your gutter system? We can use pressure washing to remove build-up to ensure water moves freely through your gutters and downspouts. 

Pavers, Garages & More!

Your garage isn’t a place that often receives a thorough cleaning, after all, it’s a place of storage. This means the floor may be covered in tire marks and mud, not to mention paint and other types of gunk. Commercial garages may have the same but in a higher volume, coupled with chewing gum, spray paint, and more. As for pavers leading through your garden or to your front door, these once-gorgeous stones may be covered with dirt and moss, which not only makes them unattractive but also hazardous. Clean up these surfaces to immediately elevate the look of your property.

See What Others Are Saying About Us!

Bethany Morillo
Bethany Morillo
Always appreciate the friendly and professional engagement. This is the second year I’ve had them out to clean our gutters. They were prompt with arrival and completed the job thoroughly so we are prepared for the rainy season in the PNW. Thanks again for your service- it’s superb!
Tara Dupuis
Tara Dupuis
HIGHLY recommend this company. They are VERY responsive and thorough. They went above and beyond and I really appreciated this. My windows look beautiful.
Betania Ruffin
Betania Ruffin
Total windows cleaning did such an amazing job on our gutters, they responded to our request fast and got an appointment. They let us know about some problems we had with our gutters and explained it well. They were quick and efficient which was super convenient to us. Will definitely be calling them again in the future and will definitely recommend to others!
Laurie Henkle
Laurie Henkle
WOW. It is so rare to get such quality work and service these days! You guys were fantastic from the bidding process to the cleaning - top notch. I manage many properties. I will use you for everything! SO glad I found you! I have a three story home and you got to everything. Hopefully in a month or so you can do the gutters too:)
Valerie Gorze
Valerie Gorze
Joe did a phenomenal job! Very thorough, paid attention to detail and my windows sparkled when done! I would highly recommend having your screens done also, they have an amazing system for them! Thanks again for a great job!
Maria Sturgeon
Maria Sturgeon
Don't know why I'd waited so long to get this done. But the results were fabulous . Good job and great folks to deal with all around
Mind Doc
Mind Doc
Total window cleaning quoted me $410 price to clean my windows at a property I am selling. After they said they were done, I was billed $675. Some of the exterior windows were not clean. The owner was rude and aggressive and clearly not interested in honoring the agreement. Terrible experience!
Donna Parish
Donna Parish
We’ve had them clean our windows three times and they have provided excellent service. Our windows shine! Both Sunshine and Michael are very professional and organized.
Sylla McClellan
Sylla McClellan
Total Window Cleaning came on time and did a beautiful job of cleaning both the windows and the screens. Everything sparkled once they were finished.
Robyn Tanksley
Robyn Tanksley
Total Window cleaning does our gutters, windows inside and out and deck awning every year. They do amazing work! Michael and Sunshine are responsive, professional, and make the whole experience super easy. I highly recommend their services.

Total Window Cleaning: The Premier Choice For Pressure Washing in Portland

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Our Oregon rain combined with dirt and air pollution often contributes to the accumulation of mold and mildew, making the exterior of your Portland home look dirty. Pressure washing is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to give your property a fresh new look. 

We know you have a choice when it comes to the Portland pressure washing company you choose, so why go with Total Window Cleaning? We’re addicted to the details. We pay close attention to details that other companies might miss. Our meticulous approach to residential and commercial power washing includes chemical-free, eco-friendly solutions that dissolve dirt and bacteria. Plus, with our easy phone estimates, you can get a quote in minutes whether you’re looking for gutter cleaning, window cleaning, or pressure washing in Portland! 

The first step? Pick up the phone and call our friendly customer service agents today to enquire about our Portland pressure washing and soft washing services. A clean and well-maintained property is just one call away! 


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Is your concrete dirty? Has it become the eyesore of the neighborhood? Our special pressure washing process will remove the dirt successfully, leaving you more than satisfied. Hiring a professional will eliminate the worry of having it done right.

We don’t just use some simple power washer from a big box store, our teams are equipped with a heavy duty commercial pressure washer. The ability to produce high volumes of water is really what gives us that big cleaning advantage.



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Portland Pressure Washing FAQs

Is Professional Pressure Washing Worth It?

We don’t just use some simple power washer from a big box store, our teams are equipped with a heavy-duty commercial pressure washer. The ability to produce high volumes of water is really what gives us that big cleaning advantage.

Is There Anything That Can’t Be Pressure Washed?

Many items should not be pressure washed, and some outdoor surfaces require special attention. Using a pressure washer can result in personal injury and ruined outdoor furniture if the wrong setting is used. That’s why professional pressure washing is recommended, as navigating the realm of do’s and don’ts can be confusing. For quick reference, delicate items such as grass, flowers and garden beds, fabric cushions, animals, and some types of glass or lawn decorations should not be pressure washed. A lower pressure setting must be used when washing vehicles, windows, gutters, roofing, and siding.