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Window cleaning in the Pacific Northwest, including the Portland area, requires flexibility due to the vast array of weather conditions that are presented here. These conditions make window cleaning in the Portland area different from other parts of our country.

An incorrect thought that many people share is that it is all of the rain that we have here in the Portland area that makes our windows dirty. The truth is that all of our rain actually helps keep our windows clean. What causes our windows to become dirty is dust, pollen, pollution and other airborne debris that settles on our glass during our dryer seasons.

Assuming your windows are cleaned at the beginning of the rainy season, your windows will stay cleaner for much longer. However, if your windows have not been cleaned, the dust, pollen, and grime on your windows that has accumulated during the dryer seasons will begin to run down your windows once it begins raining. This gives the appearance that is the rain that makes your windows dirty. A high quality, professional window cleaning is recommended in the fall because the dust, pollen, and grime have all settled for the season. Cleaning all of the debris that has accrued during the dry season from your windows prior to the rains beginning will alleviate all of that grime from running down your windows.

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