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Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing And Gutter Cleaning Services In West Linn, OR​

Looking for expert West Linn Window Cleaning Service? Look no further. You just found a professional with more than 25 years of experience in the window cleaning industry. Our goal is to make you a life-long customer by maintaining our reputation as an honest and hardworking company and to consistently deliver excellent customer service.

Lean back, unwind, and witness the transformation of your windows to their former glory. Total Window Cleaning Inc offers top-tier exterior cleaning services, including gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and window washing. We handle your home with the utmost care from beginning to end! Our true professionals in West Linn deliver affordable services aimed at safeguarding homes from structural damage and enhancing their visual appeal. Let Total Window Cleaning Inc take care of all your exterior cleaning needs! 

West Linn Window Cleaning Services

Inside Window Cleaning

In order to guarantee effortless access to the windows, our professional West Linn window cleaners will initiate the interior window cleaning process by first removing all screens. The interior cleaning is carried out in a traditional manner: we use applicators to thoroughly scrub the glass and loosen any dirt from the window. Subsequently, squeegees are utilized to remove any excess water, followed by the use of lint-free cloths to clean the areas where water tends to accumulate. Lastly, we conduct a comprehensive inspection of the windows to ensure a flawless finish before proceeding to the next step. Dirty windows are just down right disappointing. So let our true professionals expertly clean them for you, making your windows bright, and your future with our company, even brighter. 


 Outdoor Window Cleaning

Experience our top-tier exterior window cleaning service, powered by the revolutionary Pure Water Cleaning System. By harnessing the power of deionized water and a gentle brush, we leave your windows immaculate without relying on harsh chemicals. Our cutting-edge deionized water tank filters out all minerals, ensuring spot-free, clean windows that stay flawless for longer. With this safe and environmentally friendly approach, you can rest easy knowing that our team delivers exceptional results without compromising your well-being or the planet.

Screen Washing

During the cleaning process, we remove the window screens and treat them with a special detergent. After that, our experienced professionals will do a thorough scrubbing process to ensure all dirt and debris are completely removed. Finally, we carefully dry and inspect each screen to guarantee the highest quality of cleanliness.



Pressure Washing in West Linn, OR

Our state-of-the-art machinery utilizes high-pressure water to efficiently remove dirt and grime from the exterior of your property. With our professional power washing service, you can expect a truly sparkling clean result. Our system is seamlessly connected to your property’s water supply, providing a continuous and powerful stream of water to thoroughly cleanse your surfaces. The level of pressure generated by our pressure washers varies, ranging from gentle to a staggering 4,400 psi (pounds per square inch). It’s important to note that such immense pressure can be incredibly dangerous, which is why it is strongly recommended to rely on the expertise of a professional pressure washing company like ours. By using pressurized water, we effectively eliminate mold, moss, and even peel away layers of worn-out paint, ensuring that your surfaces are perfectly prepped for further treatment.

Soft Washing Concrete Cleaning

At Total Window Cleaning Inc., we rely on our commercially designed power washing equipment to tackle even the toughest challenges. From stubborn stains to thick build-up and mildew, our equipment can handle it all. Pressure washing may seem simple, but it requires expertise which we possess. With years of experience, we have honed our skills to ensure long-lasting results. What sets us apart is our use of a pretreatment solution that effectively eliminates all organic material before we even begin using our surface cleaner.

West Linn Gutter Cleaning

Performing periodic cleaning of your gutter system is crucial for protecting your home against water damage. Leaky gutters can create costly repairs from extensive damage. When clogged gutters are thick with leaves and debris, the drainage system is blocked, causing water to overflow onto your property and potentially damage your roof, walls, landscape, and basement. We understand that gutter cleaning can be both arduous and dangerous, especially if you’re not comfortable on tall ladders. With our efficient techniques and top-notch gutter services, you’ll have clean gutters that are back in good health before the next rainfall.

Additional Cleaning Services Your West Linn Property Can Benefit From

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Exterior House Washing
  • and more!

See What Others Are Saying About Us!

Bethany Morillo
Bethany Morillo
Always appreciate the friendly and professional engagement. This is the second year I’ve had them out to clean our gutters. They were prompt with arrival and completed the job thoroughly so we are prepared for the rainy season in the PNW. Thanks again for your service- it’s superb!
Tara Dupuis
Tara Dupuis
HIGHLY recommend this company. They are VERY responsive and thorough. They went above and beyond and I really appreciated this. My windows look beautiful.
Betania Ruffin
Betania Ruffin
Total windows cleaning did such an amazing job on our gutters, they responded to our request fast and got an appointment. They let us know about some problems we had with our gutters and explained it well. They were quick and efficient which was super convenient to us. Will definitely be calling them again in the future and will definitely recommend to others!
Laurie Henkle
Laurie Henkle
WOW. It is so rare to get such quality work and service these days! You guys were fantastic from the bidding process to the cleaning - top notch. I manage many properties. I will use you for everything! SO glad I found you! I have a three story home and you got to everything. Hopefully in a month or so you can do the gutters too:)
Valerie Gorze
Valerie Gorze
Joe did a phenomenal job! Very thorough, paid attention to detail and my windows sparkled when done! I would highly recommend having your screens done also, they have an amazing system for them! Thanks again for a great job!
Maria Sturgeon
Maria Sturgeon
Don't know why I'd waited so long to get this done. But the results were fabulous . Good job and great folks to deal with all around
Mind Doc
Mind Doc
Total window cleaning quoted me $410 price to clean my windows at a property I am selling. After they said they were done, I was billed $675. Some of the exterior windows were not clean. The owner was rude and aggressive and clearly not interested in honoring the agreement. Terrible experience!
Donna Parish
Donna Parish
We’ve had them clean our windows three times and they have provided excellent service. Our windows shine! Both Sunshine and Michael are very professional and organized.
Sylla McClellan
Sylla McClellan
Total Window Cleaning came on time and did a beautiful job of cleaning both the windows and the screens. Everything sparkled once they were finished.
Robyn Tanksley
Robyn Tanksley
Total Window cleaning does our gutters, windows inside and out and deck awning every year. They do amazing work! Michael and Sunshine are responsive, professional, and make the whole experience super easy. I highly recommend their services.

Building long term working relationships

You'll love our attention to detail!

On time, every time since 1996. We are West Linns most trusted window cleaners. As a small family-run local business, we’re dedicated to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. We will exceed your expectations of what real service should be like. We use the latest equipment and techniques to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Poorly-cleaned windows are worse than dirty ones. It’s a shame for a homeowner to call in a window cleaner who leaves them in a deeper mess. I’m sure you’ve all heard horror stories of Lake Oswego window cleaning services that are less than ideal. That’s not only a waste of money, but also a waste of valuable time. You will hear no such stories about Total Window Cleaning.

Giving more than Expected!

Safety is no accident!

Safety is a key issue for both our company and our clients. Since the beginning we’ve been using deionized water to clean exterior windows. This process leaves windows residue free and cleaner than any other method available. With the ability to clean windows up to 40ft from the ground, this technology is changing the way our clients look at window washing.

Total Window Cleaning Inc: West Linn’s #1 Choice For Windows, Gutters, and Pressure Washing Services!

We are the dependable West Linn window cleaning company. We have been servicing the area’s finest residential homes since the spring of 1996. We provide a professional approach to solving your toughest window cleaning needs. We offer immaculate window washing done your way, at a price you can afford.


Are your windows covered in so much dirt and grime that you can’t even enjoy the sunlight? Has it been too long since your gutters have been properly cleaned? Or perhaps you want a firsthand look at the incredible results of pressure washing. Don’t wait another day – hire a skilled professional from Total Window Cleaning Inc and take the first step towards a transformed space! Take a moment to explore our captivating photo gallery and get a glimpse of what our impeccable cleaning process can achieve.

Window cleaning may seem like a mundane task when life keeps you busy with day to day activities. This usually leads to dirty windows. After all, in this busy world, who has the time to clean their own windows? Dirty windows not only take away from your curb appeal, but windows are kind of like your automobile. If you properly maintain them they will last a long time.


Have you priced out the cost of new windows lately? A little maintenance will go a long way and save a lot of money. Total Window Cleaning is one of the top window washing companies in your area. In fact, if you’d like to see for yourself, we have many A+ reviews to substantiate this claim. Our West Linn window washing company will not only do a perfect job every time, but if they gave out awards we would win for customer service as well.

Are you ready to stop searching for “window cleaning near me?” We take pride in serving the people of Lake Oswego, Tigard, Beaverton, and Portland! Call Total Window Cleaning today and find out for yourself.

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