“It seems like the rain is making my windows dirty” is something we often hear as your Gresham window cleaning experts. This is simply not the case. Dirt makes the windows dirty not the rain. Air born dust, tree pollen, exhaust, and many other pollutants will settle on your windows. Then the rain drops move the dirt all over your windows and after the rain dries the dirt will remain there. The dirt that is leftover is now very noticeable because it’s been distributed all over the window.

That’s when you call Gresham window cleaners, Total Window Cleaning! We will come over and expertly clean, keeping all of the conditions of the Pacific Northwest in mind, and you will never think twice again. Once we are done, your clean windows remain spotless after the rain due to the fact once the water dries there is absolutely nothing left behind to obscure your view.

Perhaps you have guests coming, whether it’s your picky Mother in Law or a stubborn sister coming over. Don’t you dare have dirty windows when either of them show up. The Gresham window cleaning experts can take care of this for you. With over two decades of experience this window washing Gresham company, knows how to make it look like your windows have never had a spot of dirt on them. Your guests will leave wondering what your secret is.

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Your secret is safe with us! You will have the cleanest windows in the neighborhood thanks to the Gresham window cleaning services that we offer. In fact, we don’t only do window cleaning. You may not realize that we clean not only the outside windows but the inside as well. We also clean gutters. Call us today at 503-309-9937 for your free estimate.

Gutters are a problem all their own, not only are we the best Gresham window cleaning company there is, but even on multi level homes, gutters are no big deal to us. That’s right, do you have an area that is impossible for you to reach? Worry no longer, we come with all equipment to take care of it safely and efficiently. Keeping your gutters clean is not worth risking your life for. Leave the ladder climbing to us, and relax while we do the hard work for you.

We are not only fully trained, but we are licensed and bonded. You may think that every Gresham window cleaning company is licensed, insured and bonded, but sadly that is not the case. With some companies you are unwittingly assuming liability when they come onto your property. That is not the case when it comes to Total Window Cleaning. Also, we have an excellent safety record.

So when it’s time for your Gresham window cleaning, or your gutters need to be cleaned, call us and rest assured that you are in the hands of caring, competent individuals who are on your property with no other purpose than to get the job done correctly, efficiently and safely, with the utmost respect to you and your home.

Sometimes when you are looking for window washing Gresham, you run across companies who do all of the “honey do’s” that you need done from carpentry to weeding and everything in between. That’s not the case with Total Window Cleaning. We do two jobs and we make sure that we do it the best. We clean windows—inside and out. We clean gutters. That’s it. That may seem simple to some, but where we lack in diversity of services offered, we more than make up for in quality. See our reviews, our customers are always satisfied and that is our goal. Customer satisfaction, being the best window cleaning Gresham company, safety and the knowledge at the end of the day that we impressed each and every client that we visited. Call us today for a free refund and let’s get you on the schedule! You will never regret the decision to call Total Window Cleaning.

Here is the important legal information you should be asking all service providers for.
Certificate of Liability Insurance #ACPGLAO3026806623
Bond #SUR40001057
Workers Compensation #764264
We have an excellent safety record.